Textbook Rules and Regulations

     At the time of textbook distribution to the student, each student is assigned numbered textbooks by their respective teachers. 

     All textbooks furnished free of charge to pupils shall remain the property of the State or the Limestone County School System, as the case may be, and when distributed to the student, shall be retained for normal use only during the period that the student is engaged in a course of study for which the textbook is selected. At the completion of each course of study or otherwise at the instruction of the principal or teacher in charge, the textbook shall be returned as directed. 

     The care of a textbook is the responsibility of the student to whom it is assigned and each student shall inscribe his name inside the front cover of the textbook so that the book may be identified in the event of misplacement.  The parent, guardian, or the person having custody of a student to whom such textbook is issued shall be held liable for any loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that which would result from the normal use of such textbook in accordance with Act 95-314 Section 16-36-32 Code of Alabama, 1975. Textbooks will not be issued until reimbursement is made for the lost book. For loss or damage, the pupil will be assessed a variable of; 1) Full price if new when issued. 2) Seventy-five percent of full price for books that had already been used two years before the current issuance. 3) Fifty percent for books that had already been used three years or more before the current issuance.