Emergency Notification System
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Alert Now Notification System is the software utilized by the Limestone County School System to notify parents.  The system allows administrators of the Limestone County School System to send "General Information Announcements and Emergency Notifications" to multiple phone numbers with one phone call.  

Each student should have 5 phone numbers on file at their local school.   The first number on the list of five numbers is designated to be called for general announcements.  All five numbers on file are called in an emergency notification.  If one of these numbers change, please make every effort to contact the school with the new number. 

When deciding which phone numbers to provide for your child please keep this in mind.  Do not provide a number that goes to an automated system.  Provide cell phones or home phones that will be answered or are attached to an anwering machine. 

If you have questions or concerns about the Alert Now System, contact Karen.Tucker@lcsk12.org