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Core Assignment REcovery Program - CARE
Elkmont High School
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Posted On: Friday, February 04, 2011

Elkmont is establishing a new program for students who are reluctant to complete their work.  Called CARE, the new Core Assignment REcovery Program will require students who do not complete assignments to do so after school.  This is not a discipline referral, but simply a time and place for students to make up incomplete work and an attempt to ensure your every student's success in school.  However, failure to complete assignments if assigned to CARE will result in the student's being assigned after school detention.  Failure to attend after school detention will result in the student's receiving a day of ISS.

Program Rules

  • Teachers may assign students to a day of "CARE" before or after school to make-up assignments in their classes. After school will be Mon-Thur with Mr .Thompson from 3:10-4:05.  Before school will be with Ms. Wilson and Ms. Preston in the cafeteria but only from 7:30-7:47.
  • If a teacher assigns a student a day of CARE, the teacher will give the student the correct form to inform the student and parent of the deadline and assignment to be completed.
  • The CARE program is not designed for make-up work due to absences. Board policy specifies students have three days to complete these assignments. The primary focus of the CARE Program is for in-class assignments or homework assignments that students refuse to do. Make-up work can be done at these designated times but without the CARE referral.
  • The student may turn in the assignment the next day to avoid staying after school (this is what we really want).
  • If the student does not complete the assignment by the designated time, the teacher will fill out a discipline form and send the student to After School Detention.
  • In the event the student does not complete the assignment and/or not stay in after school detention, the student will be referred to an administrator and will be assigned ISS until the work is made up.
  • Individual teachers will determine the weight of the made-up assignment. (For example some teachers may count the assignment 75% of the actual score and some may only allow 50%, etc....)