"If everyone is moving forward together, then the success takes care of itself." 

                                                                                            ~ Henry Ford

"We, in the Limestone County Schools, are a family, a team, and an organization with a defined mission, goals, and procedures intended to improve the educational opportunities and successful outcomes for the students of this GREAT district.  We must and we will continue to strive for excellence."

                                                                               Dr. Barry Carroll
Limestone County School System



Limestone County School System, in partnership with our families and our communities, will strive to ensure that each child reaches his or her full human potential to become a contributing citizen through an educational system emphasizing each child's unique abilities and individual talents and holding students, parents, educators, and the community accountable for achieving our expectations in a safe, nurturing environment.


LEADING the way to educational excellence

In our

COMMITMENT to children

Providing a

SAFE nurturing environment for learning






The goals, objectives, and strategies guiding the Limestone County Schools are based on the following shared values and beliefs about educating our children in a global society and the role of education in the life of our community. 


We believe in the value, worth, and dignity of every person.
We believe that we must continue to strive for excellence in all matters.
We believe that human life is sacred.
We believe that honesty and integrity are essential to successful relationships.
We believe that education is a shared responsibility among students, parents/family, school, and community.
We believe the family is the basis of individual and societal values.
We believe learning is a lifelong process.
We believe that education is the core element necessary for individual and community growth and success.
We believe that the primary goal of every educator must be to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which all students can learn.
We believe all students can learn although at different rates with different styles.
We believe that each individual has purpose.
We believe that dignity belongs to each person, both young and old.
We believe that a positive self-concept is essential to learning.
We believe that personal motivation leads to commitment; commitment leads to achieving goals.
We believe that individuals are responsible for their actions and the subsequent consequences.
We believe that courtesy is expected and respect is earned.
We believe that work produces great rewards.
We believe that everyone has the responsibility to live by a moral code.
We believe that a positive home and school climate is crucial to learning.
We believe that high ethical standards and expectations promote academic and behavioral success.
We believe in and support the nurturing of a democratic citizenry.
We believe children are our greatest resource.


We continue to strive forward in accomplishing our Limestone County School System objectives:

We will implement instructional programs and practices with the goal for 100% of our students to be successful in a career of their choice.
We will teach each and every student, striving for each student's achievement to be at 100% of his/her ability.
We will guide all students to establish meaningful life goals and lead them on paths so each student may accomplish his or her goals.
We will provide meaningful instruction and intervention so all students will move successfully to his or her next level.


We are committed to the future in continuing to strive for educational excellence in continuing our mission and beliefs, expanding our vision and objectives, and implementing best practice strategies and continuous analysis toward improvement:

We will design and implement curricula to meet the individual needs and aspirations of each student.
We will address the needs of the whole child.
We will provide facilities that meet the needs of the students.
We will ensure staff effectiveness.
We will involve all stakeholders in every aspect of the educational process.
We will ensure safe, nurturing, learning environments.
We will maximize available funding and resources to achieve our mission and objectives.
We will guarantee effective internal and external communications.
We will achieve and maintain organizational effectiveness and efficiency.